Stress Redux Plus 60 Tablets


Support for Life’s Curveballs

Stress. There’s no avoiding it. From work, to bills, to kids, to busy schedules, to all the bumps along this road called life, stress is everywhere. We may not be able to run from stress, but we can get healthy support to deal with it from Stress Redux Plus by Vinco’s.

Stress Redux Plus is a professional formulation of vitamins, herbs and nutrients to support adrenal function and maintain healthy cortisol levels to help us better deal with stress.

When we’re stressed, the body releases cortisol. When we have too much of this hormone, our health can suffer and we can be at risk for serious illness. Stress Redux Plus includes natural ingredients like holy basil, rhodiola and freeze-dried New Zealand adrenal gland extract to help balance cortisol levels during times of stress.

The compounds in Stress Redux Plus also help maintain your health by promoting healthy adrenal function. The adrenal gland secretes many life-supporting hormones, so when your adrenal health is compromised, so is your overall health.

You can’t always avoid stress, but you can help your body deal with it.


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