HiMega-3 150 Softgels


Mega Omegas for Mega Health

Get a super-potent, pharmaceutical-grade fish oil supplement with hiMEGA-3 by Vinco’s.

hiMEGA-3 contains a mega dose of 3,680 mg of fish oil from EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids. These long-chain fatty acids provide more potent health benefits than short-chain ALA fatty acids used in some supplements.

High potency fish oil supports your health in numerous ways. Its fatty acids may support healthy cholesterol levels, healthy metabolic function, eye health, healthy skin, a range of mental health issues and may also assist with pain management.

Omega-3 fatty acids are particularly good for heart health. They may help maintain healthy triglyceride levels and blood pressure, reduce blood clotting, reduce irregular heartbeats, and protect the heart from a range of serious conditions.

hiMEGA-3 is free of environmental contaminants and is molecularly distilled to ensure ultimate purity. And with natural lemon flavor, you won’t get any fishy odor or taste.


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