Garlic 7000 is a potent and effective garlic product. The advantages for your patient are obvious. With Garlic 7000 your patients will be able to reach a therapeutic dose with fewer tablets per day and at a reasonable cost. Garlic 7000 is enteric coated with cellulose. This means that Garlic 7000 is socially acceptable. That’s right, the cellulose allows Garlic 7000 to release in the small intestine instead of the stomach. Burping of garlic odor is virtually eliminated! Because of this, the most potent raw garlic available is used in Garlic 7000. Garlic 7000 is processed with great care to preserve its allicin content and also provide other key ingredients such as: allicin (S-allyl-cysteine sulfoxide), diallyldisulphide, diallytrisulphide, methylallytrisulphide, ajoene, germanium, and selenium.


SKU: NBGarlic700060