Cell Energy 120 Capsules


Energize your Cells for Optimal Health

Our overall health starts with the health of your cells. Make sure they have the energy they need for optimal health with Cell Energy by Vincos.

Featuring Cordyceps Sinensis, Cell Energy is a dietary supplement that contains cofactors for efficient production of energy for cells along with metabolic intermediates necessary to burn the fuel your body is generating.

Originally found as a fungus on caterpillars high in the mountains of China and Tibet, Cordyceps Sinensis has a wealth of health benefits, including increased cellular energy production and oxygen supply to keep cells fueled and reduce fatigue.

Cell Energy also includes important nutrients, vitamins and minerals to support metabolism, like vitamin B6. B6 is an important cofactor in many cellular reactions and is vital for the metabolism of amino acids and also assists in the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates. This not only allows your cells to effectively produce energy, but also enables your body to use the energy created.


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