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Rethinking Fish Oil And Omega-3 Fatty Acids

There are two forms of essential fatty acids: Parent Essential Fats and Essential Fat Metabolites

Parent essential fats are the truely essential fatty acids because they can not be produced by the body. They must be consumed in the diet.

Essential Fatty Acid Metabolites are not truly essential because they can be manufactured in small quantities. They can become conditionally essential if the body is unable to manufacture enough to maintain optimal health

New Study by CDC Admits 84,000 People Die Each Year From Omega-3 Deficiency

The CDC recently completed an analysis of the research literature surrounding the impact of lifestyle on longevity and came up with some astounding figures. According to the study: 1. Smoking kills 467,000 people ever year 2. High blood pressure kills 395,000 every year 3. Obesity kills 216,000 people yearly 4. Physical inactivity kills 191,000 yearly […]