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Dr. Minkoff graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin Medical School in 1974. He is the medical director of LifeWorks Wellness Center, a 42 time Ironman Finisher and owner of BodyHealth, the formulator of Perfect Amino XP.

Dr. David Minkoff, M.D.

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A few months back I happened upon a television show hosted by certified genius Steven Hawkins…

In the show he sent three curious science-nerds out to run some simple experiments designed to demonstrate the wonders of the universe.

In one such experiment the three science hobbyists were instructed to place a few drops of bacteria into a large, glass vat of liquid…

This large vat of liquid was left alone for 24 hours and when the three science enthusiasts returned they were told that there was something quite extraordinary about these bacteria…

It turns out that this species of bacteria, when exposed to oxygen, begins to emit a beautiful green light.

By bubbling oxygen into the large vat of liquid they would be able to see the amazing ability of these bacteria to replicate…the more light emitted, the more bacteria there are in the vat.

Finally, the moment of truth arrived…

They glared at the glass tub of clear liquid with anticipation as oxygen was bubbled into the vat…

The whole vat of crystal clear liquid glowed with such a bright, beautiful green light so as to fill the room!

Somehow, those few drops of bacteria had replicated to fill gallons of liquid in just 24 hours.

In fact, Dr. Hawkins then went on to explain that these few drops of bacteria, added to the liquid, went on to replicate into over 100 TRILLION cells in just 24 hours.

What was most fascinating to me, however, was the fact that the liquid was made up of just water, minerals, and amino acids!

Dr. Hawkins went on to explain that in the presence of the right building blocks, life explodes!

Listen to that again…


I thought that to be so insightful!

In the media, herbal medicine is considered a sexy topic, but the fundamental building blocks are not…

People want to hear about the latest herbal medicine discovered in some remote jungle of the Amazon, but no one wants to hear about the benefits of minerals and amino acids…it’s just not sexy.

Not longa ago, a personal trainer brought one of his clients to me who was suffering with excruciating muscle spasms and charlie horses almost every night.

As I explained how she was likely experiencing these spasms due to a couple of simple mineral deficiencies I could see the speculation in her eyes…

She was thinking…”MY problem isn’t that simple!”

But it WAS that simple…

You see, although it’s true that life explodes in the presence of the right building blocks, the opposite is also true…

Disease explodes in the absence of these same fundamental and vital building blocks.

The building blocks I am referring to are:

Water, vitamins, minerals, fats, and…

Amino acids….

Which brings me to today’s topic; Perfect Aminos by BodyHealth.

This amino acid formula is a breakthrough in amino acid supplementation primarily because it delivers the essential amino acids in precisely the right ratios to be almost 100% utilized in the repair and recovery of cells and tissues!

In fact, it was awarded a U.S. Patent for this amazing quality.
In layman’s terms, Perfect Amino is used entirely for repair and recovery of the body. Only 1% is eliminated as waste.

Compare that to whey protein, which is only 18% utilized and 82% stored as calories or wasted.

That’s unheard of…

This formula delivers only the essential amino acids that your body cannot produce itself and seems to deliver those aminos in just the right mix.

This essentially guarantees that you will never be without the necessary building blocks needed to repair and recover from injury and the wear & tear of every day living.

Over the years I’ve recommended vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids as foundation supplements…

On occasion I’ve even recommended whey protein or a vegetarian protein supplement to some people who I felt were lacking in needed protein building blocks.

Most of the time, however, I assumed protein and amino acids were an optional supplement that may benefit some, but not most, simply because most people consume a lot of protein…

That has changed, however…

I now believe that amino acid deficiency is likely the rule rather than the exception.

Why the change?

The simple answer is “results”.

People who started taking the Perfect Amino formula started to report improvements in energy, hair growth, muscle growth, recovery from exercise, nail growth, and overall well-being.

That tells me that amino acid deficiency is more common than I once believed…

You see, as I mentioned, the formula in Perfect Amino use to be under patent, which made it very expensive. This expense limited who I could recommend it to…

Recently that patent expired, which drove the price down significantly…

So, I started using it more often in my patients and giving some bottles away to friends and family to try out…I was surprised to find that reports of benefits started coming in rapidly!

I was amazed!

Research on this amino acid blend has focused mostly on muscle growth, however, these amino acids are vital in the building of organs, enzymes, and other vital components of the body.

These are fundamental building blocks necessary for practically every system within the body. If you are deficient in even one of these amino acids, your body simply will not function optimally because your body simply can not make them.

So, why the deficiency?

This question is a bit of a mystery for me because, as I mentioned, Americans eat a lot of protein…we shouldn’t be deficient…

My hypothesis is that we are functionally deficient for two reasons…

First, we aren’t digesting our protein fully and therefore not absorbing it. This is especially the case in seniors, people under stress, and people taking antacid medications.

The second potential cause of the functional deficiency is an imbalance in the RIGHT amino acids.

You see, amino acids can compete with each other for absorption and utilization. So, if we consume too much of the non-essential amino acids, it’s possible they are preventing the essential aminos from doing their job.

Whatever the reason, people feel better when they take Perfect Amino and I can’t argue with those results.

I’ve seen it benefit the young, the old, and the in-between.

So, how should you take the Perfect Amino formula?

First off, the recommended dose for relatively healthy people who do not workout intensely is 10 tablets or two scoops for men and 5-8 tablets  or one to one and three-fourths scoop for women, taken once daily.

If you are a male who exercises often, take 10 tablets or two scoops 30 minutes before activity and optionally another 10 tablets or two scoops later in the day.

If you are an active female, take 8 tablets, or one and three-fourths scoop, 30 minutes before exercise and another 8 tablets, or one and three-fourths scoop, later in the day.

Is There A Toxic Dose?

Most adults can take up to 30 tablets or 6 scoops daily without worry of imbalance or side effects, although most people will not need nearly this amount.

You can take the Perfect Amino with foods that do not contain protein or fat. As I mentioned earlier, amino acids compete for absorption and utilization, so to make sure your body can take in and use the Perfect Amino XP it’s best to take them on an empty stomach or with some non-protein food like fruit or vegetables.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask and I look forward to your success stories!


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