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Natural Ways To Prevent Cold & Flu

The flu is not as dangerous as the press makes you think.

The flu vaccine is not nearly as effective or safe as you are led to believe

How healthy you are, your internal terrain, determines your risk of cold or flu. The bug (virus or bacteria) cannot thrive in a healthy system.

Control stress because stress is a potent poison to the immune system. If stress is a big problem, try Vital Adapt, 2 capsules twice daily.

Use Whole-food vitamin C such as Pure Radiance C. Two capsules two to three times daily.

For further protection use Immune System Take Care by New Chapter.

Pure Defense with NAC is a great way to stimulate immune function throughout the season. This formula is the most comprehensive.

Drink plenty of water to keep your mucous membranes healthy. These membranes are your primary defenses against offending organisms.