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Polymyalgia Rheumatica

Diet Cut down on caffeine & alcohol. Focus on a whole food diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, meat, and nuts. Eat wild-caught, cold-water fish for healthy omega-3 fats. Avoid hydrogenated and trans-fatty acids Keep well hydrated with purified water. Lifestyle Stress is known to trigger polymalgia rheumatica, primarily due to the inflammatory effect of stress […]


Diet Follow a low-food allergy diet free from common allergens such as: Wheat Gluten Dairy Soy Eggs Limit vegetable oils containing large quantities of polyunsaturated fats. Focus on either Extra Virgin Coconut Oil or High-Polyphenol Extra-Virgin Olive Oil   Lifestyle Scleroderma can be initiated by exposure to chemicals such as: plastics, solvents, drugs, silica powder, […]