How to Wake Up With Less Joint Pain And More Mobility, So That You Can Hit The Floor Running Like a Teenager Again!

I’d like to help liberate you from the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis.

I know that your doctor has probably told you that all they can do is prescribe nasty anti-inflammatory drugs and wait until the day that the pain is so severe that you can’t take it any more…then they’ll sell you on surgery.

If you’re like me, you can’t imagine a future full of pain, stiffness, and surgeries that limits your ability to enjoy life…

If you already have a lot of pain, I’ll bet it’s difficult to enjoy everyday things like parties, family events, and cookouts because your attention is always divided between what’s going on and the achy, throbbing pain of arthritis.

If you have relied on Tylenol and anti-inflammatory drugs like Advil, Motrin, Aleve, ibuprofen, and aspirin to get by, well I have a message for you…

You can do better! You can feel better! You can decrease your pain, inflammation, and possibly even slow down the degeneration of your joints and you can do it all without medications!

The Four-Step Approach to Treating Arthritis

There are four steps to managing arthritis through a natural approach, they are:

Step 1: Decrease inflammation
Step 2: Lubricate the joint
Step 3: Provide the building blocks
Step 4: Stimulate repair

Let’s take each step and dive deeper…

Step 1: Decrease Inflammation

If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is, STOP DIGGING!

Most people see inflammation as a nuisance; however, it’s much more than that.  Inflammation actually promotes the erosion of the cartilage within the joint, which can worsen the arthritis over time.

Anti-inflammatory drugs can decrease the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis, however, they also can increase the production of an enzyme called lipooxygenase, which can irritate and damage the joint further.

Nature has provided many natural compounds with anti-inflammatory activity that can rival the prescription drugs without causing the same risk of side effects. Spices such as turmeric, ginger, rosemary and herbs such as holy basil, skullcap, and green tea can all act as potent anti-inflammatory supplements.

To help control inflammation, I recommend a formula called Zyflamend by New Chapter. This formula provides a blend of herbal and spice extracts that work through multiple mechanisms to result in a balanced anti-inflammatory benefit. This formula has proven itself to be one of the most powerful herbal anti-inflammatory formulas on the market. The recommended dose is 2 capsules twice daily.

Aside from providing relief from much of the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis, the mechanisms by which this formula works may help to protect the joint from erosion.

Step 2: Lubricate the Joint

Now that we have the inflammation under control, the next step is to lubricate the joint to decrease the friction.

Within your joint, the cartilage is constantly being broken down and rebuilt. Arthritis happens when the joint gets broken down faster than the cells can rebuild the damaged area.

The lubricating material called hyaluronic acid has the same purpose of oil in your car. It keeps the pistons sliding across each other by decreasing the friction that would occur without the oil. When a car has an oil leak, the damage can be devastating. Likewise, if your joints don’t remain well oiled, you can develop stiffness, inflammation, and ultimately arthritis.

Besides the lubricating effect of hyaluronic acid, it also helps to carry nutrients to the cartilage. Because cartilage does not have a blood supply, it relies on the diffusion of nutrients from the lubricating fluid in the joint.

Over the last decade, nutrition scientists have been able to develop a hyaluronic acid supplement that is easily absorbed in the digestive tract. This has allowed for effective supplementation of this vital material.

The second step in building an effective natural arthritis program is to lubricate the joint by taking hyaluronic acid in supplement form.

The recommended dose is 100 mg once per day.

In addition, it’s important to remain well hydrated. When you become even mildly dehydrated, your joints can dry up, which can lead to friction and joint degeneration.

Step 3: Provide the Building Blocks

Now that we’ve tackled inflammation and lubrication, we now need to provide the joint with the material it needs to repair damage and protect the cartilage itself. This is achieved by providing two compounds called: glucosamine and chondroitin.

These two compounds have been used successfully for years to protect and repair the joint while improving the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis.

Glucosamine and chondroitin literally act like wood and nails to the cartilage. The body absorbs these compounds and transports them throughout the body with preference being given to the joints. Once the glucosamine and chondroitin arrive in the joints, the cartilage repair cells get to work rebuilding and rejuvenating the cartilage.

The recommended dose is 1500 mg of glucosamine along with 1200 mg of chondroitin per day. If you’re overweight, you may want to increase the dose to 2000 mg of glucosamine sulfate along with 1600 mg of chondroitin sulfate.

Step 4: Stimulate the Repair

Now that you’ve decreased inflammation, lubricated the joint, and provided the building blocks, you need to tell the body that you need stronger joints. You achieve this by moving and exercising.

Most people with arthritis are afraid to exercise because they’re afraid that they will worsen the arthritis. Unfortunately, by remaining immobile and sedentary you’re literally stimulating the arthritis to get worse.

Exercise does three things:

  1. It brings lubrication to the joint. Have you ever notice that the arthritis pain is worse upon waking and gets a little better as the day goes on? This probably occurs because the movement promotes lubrication.
  2. Exercise, especially resistance training, stimulates the cartilage building cells to get to work. Research has shown that lifting weight causes these cells to activate and strengthen the cartilage.
  3. Exercise protects the joint by building a muscle girdle. The bones of a joint are surrounded by muscle, and muscle helps to stabilize the joint. By keeping the joint stable you protect it from extra movement that can result in unwanted friction. As a muscle weakens, the joint begins to move in strange ways that can damage the cartilage and worsen the arthritis.

As you can see, arthritis can be improved significantly when you put the right steps into action. First control inflammation, next lubricate the joint, then provide the building blocks, and finally stimulate repair.

What Next?

To make it easy for you to get the most effective products for your arthritis program, we have put together all of the products that we use with our clients and patients here in our clinic. We call it the “Get Out of Pain Kit”. It includes:

1 Bottle of Zyflamend 120 Softgels (1 month supply)
1 Bottle of Hyaluronic Acid 60 Capsules (1 month supply)
1 Bottle of Glucosamine/Chondroitin (1 month supply)

If you order this kit, you get all three products for $67, which will save you $35.89 compared to the retail price.

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