Natural Solutions to Body Odor

In conventional medicine, everything is compartmentalized. For example, when you walk into a cardiologist’s office, they have a tendency to view you as a heart with legs. They do not see a connection between the health of your heart and the inflammation in your joints or anywhere else in the body.

In holistic medicine, everything is viewed as connected, which means that every symptom has a message from the entire body. To a holistic practitioner, the joint inflammation may also indicate inflammation in the arteries of the heart. This is just one example of the interconnectivity of the body.

So, what message does body odor send? More importantly, how do we fix it naturally?

First, offensive body odor is not something to be ignored or brushed off as nothing more than personal hygiene neglect. One interesting hypothesis in natural medicine is that the skin is a backup detoxification organ, which is called into action when the liver and kidneys are overwhelmed. Another hypothesis may explain why offensive body odor is such a hush-hush topic in society and why you simply can’t ignore it…

People who have offensive body odor often suffer with chronic illness. It is possible that body odor is an evolutionary defense against spreading disease. Let me explain…

When an individual in the tribe is sick or riddled with disease, the evolutionary processes would want to contain the damage in both a long-term and short-term way…

For the short term, by producing body odor, the rest of the tribe will know that you are sick, which would result in a temporary social quarantine. In other words, people will avoid you. When you are no longer sick, the body odor will dissipate and people will want to be near you again.

For the long term, if you are chronically sick and thus have sustained body odor, nature will prevent you from mating and spreading your sickly genetics. In other words, the opposite sex will avoid you and you could be ousted from the tribe.

My point is, body odor is far more serious than a social roadblock. It speaks to the health of the body in a general sense.

So, what can we do about body odor?

1.     Look to the diet. Body odor could indicate poor digestion, especially with lactose and fructose. Try avoiding dairy for 30 days and take digestive enzymes, such as DigestzymeV, with each meal. As digestion improves, body odor should also improve. (Call 888-794-4325 for more information on this product).

2.      Replace good bacteria. When certain foodstuff is not fully digested, specific organisms will ferment the material into toxic substances, which can be absorbed into the blood and emitted through the skin. Good bacteria, such as those found in Multi-Probiotic 40 Billion by Douglas Labs, will help to balance the ecology of the gut.

3.      Try cranberry concentrate. One case report, published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, found that one glass of cranberry juice per day resulted in the elimination of body odor in one individual. Make sure you choose a cranberry concentrate, such as the Cranberry Concentrate by Genesis Today, rather than a high-sugar cranberry cocktail. (Call 888-7944325 for more information on this product).

4.      Try zinc. In one study, zinc was shown to help control body odor. Try Opti-Zinc 30 mg once per day.

5.      Drink water. Water hydrates the skin and prevents pores from clogging with bacteria.

Whenever you have a symptom, such as offensive body odor, always assume that there is a particular reason for the symptom and try to get to that underlying cause. Body odor is so easily dismissed as a superficial problem. Hopefully, I have convinced you that it likely has far deeper roots within your overall health.

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