Ulcerative Colitis


  1. Look into pursuing an elimination diet to reduce exposure to potential food allergens. The most common food sensitivities are: dairy, wheat/gluten, eggs, soy, citrus & corn.
  2. Avoid processed foods that contain stabilizers & suspending agents.
  3. Eating foods that are high fiber may help to prevent colitis episodes. If you are having an active bout of inflammation, limit fiber until the colon has returned to normal.
  4. Eat wild-caught salmon. The omega-3 fats found naturally in salmon help to decrease inflammation.


  1. Stress can be a major trigger for Ulcerative Colitis. Learn to protect yourself from stress by learning coping mechanisms.
  2. Get some regular sunlight to increase vitamin D production.
  3. Try a 90 second meditation whenever you find yourself getting stressed. All you do is sit down, set a timer on your phone for 90 seconds and simply close your eyes and see black until the bell rings. Don’t try to meditate, just see black and reboot.


  1. Sialex by Ecological Formulas – 3 capsules three times a day as a preventative. 4-6 capsules three times daily during an active bout. Sialex contains mucin, a protective compound in the colon.
  2. Enteric-Coated Fish oil – 2 capsules twice daily. Fish oil helps to normalize inflammation throughout the body. Some research suggests that enteric-coated fish oil may be superior than standard fish oil for people suffering with inflammatory bowel diseases.
  3. GI-Revive by Designs for Health – 2 teaspoons twice daily during active inflammation, 1 teaspoon per day as a preventative. GI-Revive has some of natures most soothing and healing herbs and nutritionals. This is especially important during an inflammatory episode.
  4. Multi-Probiotic 40 Billion – 2 capsules daily. This formula provides the healthy bacteria that colonize the upper and lower bowel and help crowd out organisms that may cause inflammation.
  5. Digestive Enzyme Ultra– 1 Capsule with each main meal.

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