Wash Thy Cats! Simple Way to Decrease Cat Allergies

Follow this simple trick and give your sinuses and lungs a break from one of nature’s most allergenic animals. They found that a monthly 10 minute soak in warm distilled water was all it took to decrease the allergy potential of the cat.

To bathe your cat using the proven technique, fill a large pan or sink with 2 inches of warm distilled water. Place a heavy towel on the bottom of the sink or pan to give your cat something to ground herself to so that she does not slip. Put the cat in the tub and while talking to her push down on the center of the back.Soap is not necessary. Rinse well and dry…simple as that.

Comment by Dr. Ray Hinish
Okay, truth be told, I am a dog person but with that said I have many cat-lover friends so I wrote this brief review for them. Cats are considered one of the most allergenic pets and unfortunately sometimes you simple must give the cat away to be able to enjoy a life free of cat allergies. Hopefully, for those people who would rather die of their cat allergies than give their little aloof buddies away, you will gain some benefit from this simple ritual. Other things may help such as:

  • Cutting the hair of long haired cats
  • Vacuuming often
  • Using an air purifier
  • Always washing your hands after petting your cat

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