Overhaul your Supplements

What You Will Learn In This Section:

  1. The Foundation Program for Intermediate/Advanced Nutrition Programs
  2. Learn About Coenzyme Q10
  3. Learn About Our Choice Bone Mineral Formula
  4. Learn About REAL Vitamin C

So you already know that you should be on a multi-vitamin, an omega-3 fatty acid and a digestive enzyme. So, what’s next? First, let me list the specific products that we suggest for the intermediate/advanced program:

Foundation Program for Intermediate/advanced:

  1. Pure Encapsulations Nutrient 950 3 Capsules Twice Daily
  2. Wholemega by New Chapter
  3. Tyler Similase Digestive Enzyme

Now let me discuss some of the supplements that many people can benefit from. These products are generally considered optional add-ons to the above mentioned foundation program. I will provide a thorough description of each supplement.

  1. CoQ10 – Coenzyme Q10 is called ubiquinone by scientists because it is so ubiquitous in the body being found in significant quantities in every living cell. The cells concentrate the coenzyme Q10 within the mitochondria in order to catalyze the production of energy through the burning of oxygen. CoQ10 is such an important cofactor that when levels are not optimal the cells begin to lose their function and disease settles in. At a 75% deficiency your body can no longer sustain life and you die. The organs that are most vital to our survival are usually the ones that are the first to suffer. This occurs because these organs such as the heart, liver, kidneys and immune system all require the most energy to function. Incidentally, you will find very high concentrations of CoQ10 in a gelcap for best absorption. Certain medications such as statin drugs and certain blood pressure medications decrease the body’s ability to produce CoQ10. If you are on these medications, you may require much higher doses in order to prevent a deficiency. Of these meds, the statins are the greatest culprit. You may require 300-400 mg to prevent disease. In recent months a new, advanced form of CoQ10 hit the market called ubiquinol . This form of CoQ10 absorbs better and may get into the mitochondria more readily where it can do its most good.
  2. Progena Osteo Plus – This formula contains all of the minerals necessary to feed the bone building cells. By providing the right forms and doses of calcium, magnesium, boron, silica, and other trace minerals this formula will support healthy bones and joints. The sophisticated nutrition enthusiast understands that the bones require more than just calcium alone. In fact, the bones are equally dependant on minerals and proteins such as those minerals listed above. Progena has formulated a product that combines calcium and magnesium at nearly 1:1 which is optimal for our diet which is highly biased towards calcium.
  3. Food Souced Vitamin C – Vitamin C is a very important nutrient in our body. At some point in our evolution, we had lost the ability to produce this vital nutrient as we became dependant on vitamin C in our diet. Vitamin C probably plays thousands of important roles in our bodies and thus tops the list of important nutrients. The vitamin C that works best in the body is not the ascorbic acid found in most health food supplements. In fact, the ascorbic acid is not vitamin C, rather it is the protective shell of the vitamin C molecule which is comprised of bioflavonoids, minerals and enzymes. To get the full benefit of true vitamin C, you will want to get your vitamin C from food sourced products such as a supplement called Pure Radiance C by the Synergy company.  This is a concentrateof various fruits and herbs that contain high levels of true whole food C.

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