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Getting your mind involved in promoting health.

It is a scientific fact that every cell in your body is eves dropping on your every thought. What this means is when you think in an angry and frustrating way, certain neurochemicals flood into your blood and have a physiological effect on your cells. Stress causes stress hormones to enter your system and when they remain elevated they will cause your cells to begin to deconstruct.

We simply can not separate our thoughts from our physiology. You must make your mind healthy to allow your body to heal. How do you do this? If you are an angry person, learn to smile. If you are a worried person, learn to trust. If you are a dishonest person, learn to tell the truth. Your mind and spirit must be in harmony to achieve optimal health. In a moment, I am going to tell you about my all time favorite book for helping to control worry.

Healthy mind, healthy body. This is as much a law of nature as the law of gravity. It has been my experience that someone who spends one-half their time with a negative mental attitude will experience approximately one-half the health of someone who spends the majority of their life under the blanket of a positive mental attitude. If you follow any of the steps listed here, follow this one. If you live with a positive mental attitude, I guarantee that you will have dramatic improvements in your health! No matter what ailment you may have, a positive mental attitude will provide relief in one way or another.

The great modern day philosopher, Napolean Hill said it best when he said,“Every negative event that happens in one’s life holds with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit, simply seek out that seed in every negative experience you have.”

Many people have no idea how their mental state impacts the physical body. There is now an entire science that studies how the mind can impact the immune system, it is called psychoneuroimmunology. It has been known since the early 1900s that the mind impacts the body in many ways. One day I stumbled upon an old book for sale called How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, written by Dale Carnegie. This book is over 65 years old and I believe it to be one of the best books ever written on the subject of worry and mental state. He focuses a number of chapters on the discussion of how the mental state impacts health and gives many examples and techniques for changing your thought process. This book is an absolute must read.

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