What is So Special About the Ashkenazi Jews?

Back in 2003 the Journal of the American Medical Association published a study that compared 213 Ashkenazi Jews and 216 of their offspring to a group of control subjects.

So what is so interesting about this group of Ashkenazi Jews?

Well to boot, the average age of the subjects was 98.2 years old and the average age for their offspring was 68.3 years old.

At the end of the study it was determined that the individuals with exceptional longevity had significantly larger cholesterol particles! That is right, the larger the cholesterol particle the longer you live.

It’s also known that one of the reasons why women have higher life expectancy than men is due to bigger cholesterol particle sizes provided by the presence of estrogen.

Since this study there has been a lot more research on particle size as it relates to heart disease and longevity and universally the results prove the benefit of big, fluffy cholesterol particles.

Your doctor can order a blood test called the VAP test to see how big and fluffy your cholesterol particles are. Genetics do play a role with cholesterol size, however, lifestyle may be equally important.

To keep your cholesterol particles nice and fluffy be sure to keep your refined carbohydrate intake low (bread, pasta, rice, cake, candy, etc.), exercise as much as possible, take your fish oil (or flax oil if vegetarian), and eat lots of vegetables.

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