We Thought That The Word “Anti-Aging” Was a Gimmic. We Were Wrong!

Anti-aging is the buzz word and has been since the early 90’s. The concept that aging can be reversed, well, we just didn’t believe it!

Don’t get me wrong, accelerated aging is very real. We believe that people promote a faster rate of aging by lifestyle choices and we believed it possible to dramatically slow this process down, but we never bought into the reversal of aging at the genetic level…

One theory of aging that is believed to hold the most water is that aging occurs when the mitochondria, the energy factories of the cell, begin to lose function and disintegrate. According to this theory of aging, the malfunctioning mitochondria causes our “youth genes” to malfunction within the cells and as a result, the cells grow old, and lose shape and function.

Sure enough, it is a known fact that as we age we lose muscle at an astounding rate in a process called sarcopenia. This process is usually preceded by the loss of mitochondrial function, which results in the weakening of muscles and the eventual loss of muscle mass. This muscle loss is often most pronounced in the legs of seniors but evident throughout the body. In fact, by age 65, most seniors can not lift a ten pound weight over their heads.

In a recent study, researchers evaluated older subjects who were sedentary and found 596 genes expressing themselves in an “old” way…In other words, the old genes were expressing themselves in such a way that promoted aging and a decrepit body.

The researchers then put a number of these subjects on a simple resistance exercise program that involved weight lifting. After 6 months these subjects were a whopping 20% stronger. In fact, numerous studies have confirmed that people can dramatically improve muscle strength at any age even into their 80s and 90s. There was something more amazing, however…

What was so amazing about this study is that at the end of the study the genes had literally reversed their aging and were now expressing themselves in such a way that promoted youthfulness! The genes turned back the clock of time and aging was literally reversed resulting in a significant improvement in mitochondrial function!

WOW! Anti-aging is real!

In addition, the oldest subjects in the study started out 60% weaker than their younger counterparts. After just 6 months of resistance exercise they had bridged the gap to just 38% weaker than their younger subjects!

I wonder what would happen after 1 year of resistance exercises. My bet is that some of these older subjects would surpass their younger counterparts.

So get started, get moving, hit the gym and prove this study real to the world! Seek out a certified personal trainer or physical therapist and learn how to develop a lifestyle of growth, strength and vitality! I’ll be there with you, cheering you on!

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