Urinary Tract Infection Support


  1. Cut refined carbohydrates that encourage the growth of harmful bacteria.
  2. Water – Drink at least 64 ounces daily and some people may require up to 1 ounce per pound of body weight. Water helps to flush the urinary tract and maintain proper pH.
  3. Eliminate chlorinated water as this can inhibit the growth of healthy bacteria.
  4. Avoid sodas, sugary fruit juices, coffee and alcoholic beverages. This is especially important in chronic UTIs.


Avoid antibiotic use when possible. Antibiotics disturb the balance of healthy bacteria that keep the colon and urinary tract flora healthy.


  1. D-Mannose powder – Mannose is the active sugar in cranberries that cause E. Coli bacteria to flush from the urinary tract. E. Coli account for the great majority of UTIs. Because you can achieve much higher concentrations of this sugar in the urine, it works much better than cranberry juice. During an active UTI, take 1 teaspoon at the first sign followed by one-half teaspoon every three hours until symptoms are gone then take one-half teaspoon three times a day for three more days.
  2. Fem-dophilus – This probiotic has an affinity for the urinary tract and can help to balance the vagina flora. Take 2 capsules daily.

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