Skin Protection


  1. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and a handful of nuts daily. Eat as many vegetables as you would like and enjoy plenty of colorful fruits (especially berries). The compounds that concentrate in the outer layer of fruits and vegetables that convey color to that plant, protect the fruit or vegetable from the free radicals caused by UV light. Those compounds enter the body and help to protect our outer layer as well by concentrating in the skin.
  2. Avoid all trans fatty acids. Trans-fats damage DNA and may significantly increase the risk of numerous cancers.
  3. Achieve a balance of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fats in the diet by eating cold water fish, nuts and seeds while limiting animal fats.
  4. Limit intake of refined cabohydrate. Poor blood sugar control may increase rates of many types of cancer.


  1. A healthy overall lifestyle is key. A lifestyle that is conducive to a healthy immune system will work to protect you from many cancers including skin cancer.
  2. Use Oil-Free Sunscreens that contain plenty of antioxidants. We at recommendTotal Sun Protection by Life Extension Foundation.
  3. Apply sunscreen  abundantly and often. Most people only use 25% of the amount of sunscreen that they need to achieve optimal protection. Slather it on!
  4. Don’t Smoke! Smoking adds insult to injury and some researchers suggest that smoking speeds skin aging by 300%.
  5. Drink Green Tea – Teas that contain antioxidants and polyphenol compounds can protect the skin from oxidation and possible from skin cancer.


  1. Euromega omega-3 – 2 Tablets Daily. Omega-3 fatty acids help to decrease inflammation and regulate skin repair.
  2. Shade Factor – 2 capsules twice daily as a preventative. Polypodium fern extract has been shown to offer potent protection to the skin, decreasing sun damage while stimulating repair.

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