Psoriasis Drug Potentially Life-Threatening Side Effects

A drug used to treat psoriasis, called efalizumab (Brand name: Raptiva), has been linked to life threatening infections, the FDA warns…

A report from the Journal of the American Medical Association warns that a number of patients who were started on this medication died from bacterial sepsis or viral meningitis. The FDA is warning doctors to monitor patients closely and not prescribe it to patients under the age of 18 for fear of permanent suppression of the immune system that can lead to lethal infections.

This medication belongs to a class of drug called monoclonal antibodies which is considered an immunosuppressant.

This potentially fatal side effect is a class-wide side effect and thus should be extended to other monoclonal antibody medications. It’s lunacy to start people on these medications as a first or even second line treatment for psoriasis. Psoriasis can often be treated with diet, lifestyle and certain nutritional supplementation. Please see our psoriasis protocol for details about lifestyle changes that could help to control this health challenge.

(Journal of the American Medical Association, 2008; 300: 2359)

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