Probiotics Help Pollen Allergies

It’s definitely the season for allergies as the flowers and trees begin to pollinate. For a natural approach to normalizing allergy symptoms, please check out the Allergies Protocol in our Health Issues section of the website.

In this blog-post, I wanted to touch on the impact of probiotics on allergy reactions, specifically in reference to pollen allergies.

In a study on 44 subjects with allergies to a cedar pollen, researchers supplemented the subjects with probiotics, good bacteria that reside in the digestive tract, to evaluate how they impact allergy symptoms.

After 13 weeks, subjects who were taking the probiotics noted significant decreases in all symptoms of allergic reaction including inflammation and blockage of the sinuses. When they looked at the blood of the subjects who took the probiotic supplement, they noted a significant decrease in certain chemicals that trigger allergic reactions and an increase in cells which are responsible for calming inappropriate immune reaction.

It’s fascinating to see how bacteria that reside in the gut impact allergy symptoms that seem unrelated to gut function. The fact is, the body is complicated and connected. No organ or process can survive without interaction from millions or billions of other cells. It’s no secret that probiotics play a very important role in healthy tone to the immune system, this research helps to shed some light on yet another connection that can help millions of people who suffer with allergies.

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