1. Decrease refined carbohydrates.
  2. Eat 6-8 servings of green leafy and other vegetables.
  3. Eat plent of omega-3 fatty acid containing foods such as nuts, seeds and clean cold-water fish.
  4. Limit sodium intake from prepared foods.
  5. Limit animal protein intake as this acidifies the system and causes bone loss.


  1. Exercise is very important especially strength training and repetative moderate impact aerobic exercise such as the stair stepper or jogging on concrete. When strength training, it is most important to use heavier weights for less repetitions. Please seek out assitant from a qualified professional.
  2. Stop the soda and sugary drinks.
  3. Get regular sunshine. Sunshine converts cholesterol into vitamin D which protects the bones.
  4. Limit stress which can cause the production of hormones that eat away at the bones.


Osteoporosis Normalizing Protocol:

  1. Best Formula: Bone Renewal 2 Capsules Twice Daily. Most Economical: Progena Osteo Plus – 2 Tablets Twice Daily.
  2. Vitamin D 2,000 iu1 capsule daily. Most people need between 2,000 iu and 5,000 iu per day to achieve optimal blood levels. Have your doctor test your blood to make sure you are taking enough vitamin D, our goal is a blood level between 50-70 mg/dl.
  3. Super K – 1 Softgel Daily. Vitamin K helps the body to deposit calcium and other minerals into the bones.
  4. Fructoborate 6 mg – 1 capsule daily. Fructoborate is a highly-bioavailable form of boron that has been linked to significant improvement in bone growth.
  5. Osteo-Sil – 1 Capsule Daily. This formula provides a natural source of silica, a micro-mineral that is especially important in the bone matrix.

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