Oracine ™ – Is it What it is Cracked Up to Be?

Recently I have been getting a number of questions about Oracine™, a formula trademarked and distributed by n3 Oceanic, Inc.; the makers of Res-Q 1250. As with their other products, Oracine ™ is marketed through a syndicated radio infomercial in talk show format. Claims that are being made range from:
Improvements in athletic performance
1. Cure for fatigue
2. Cure for heart failure
3. Cure for heart arrhythmias and palpitations
4. Cure for high blood pressure
5. A preventative against heart attack
6. Anti-inflammatory
7. Rebuilds damaged cells
This is a tall order for any supplement. So, is any of it true?

What is Oracine ™?

Oracine ™ is the brand name of a formula that contains two main ingredients, magnesium orotate and inosine phosphate. Magnesium orotate is superior form of magnesium that readily enters the cell where it can have its positive effects. The oritic acid, which is bound to the magnesium is used in the production of DNA and RNA as well as the production of energy in the cell. The inosine is known as a purine ribnucleotide that is also used in the production of energy as well as DNA and RNA.

Sounds good, but is there research to support the health claims, much less the high price tag?

In six words, ” yes and no…but mostly no”.

As I stated earlier, magnesium orotate is a superior form of magnesium and the orotate itself is likely beneficial to the body. In our practice, we use magnesium for heart health as well as blood pressure problems. Magnesium also appears to benefit people with diabetes and heart failure. But is the 40 mg of magnesium provided in a daily dose of the formula enough to benefit the body? Possibly, but there just isn’t enough research to gauge the benefit. There certainly is not enough research to support the wild claims that are made on the website and radio infomercial. Magnesium deficiency is common and most people would benefit from supplementing with magnesium, however, the 40 mg provided by this formula is likely insufficient to result in significant therapeutic benefit.

What about the inosine? Inosine has, in fact, been studied for its effect in improving muscular endurance in athletes. The conclusions of the research, however, go contrary to those reported by n3 Oceanic, Inc. A study published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition gave trained athletes high doses of inosine and found no benefit to endurance. This is consistent with other research which also found no benefit to endurance. Uric acid did increase in subjects who took the inosine, an effect that the n3 Oceanic website lists as a benefit due to uric acid’s antioxidant benefit. Although uric acid is, in fact, an antioxidant its buildup is also a cause of gout and kidney stones. Some research suggests that increases in uric acid could help protect the nerves of patients suffering with multiple sclerosis. A recent study did, in fact, show inosine to increase uric acid in multiple sclerosis patients, however, the researchers recommend that patients be closely monitored while pursuing such a treatment. As for the claims about inosine’s benefits to regenerating damaged heart cells and reversing heart failure, there just is no research to support these claims. After searching the research literature, I can only assume that n3 Oceanic Inc. is basing these claims on pure hypothesis. Isn’t it interesting that n3 Oceanic offers no reference for the outrageous claims surrounding their formula?

So, the bottom line is this…Most of us are already taking a number of supplements and in my opinion the addition of this formula is simply not worth the expense. Your money is best spent on supplements with a more proven record, in fact, any record of benefit would be an improvement over Oracine™. It is easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest thing, especially when such claims are being made. In this instance, the hype far outweighs the science. With that said, if you are still convinced that Oracine™ is effective then I recommend that you purchase the individual ingredients separately and save a boatload of money! Source Naturals produces an inosine supplement and magnesium orotate is available from Priority One.

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