Multiple Sclerosis


  1. Decrease refined carbohydrates.
  2. Decrease saturated and omega-6 fats from animal and vegetable sources.
  3. Eat as many raw vegetables as possible.
  4. Limit the intake of fish which may contain mercury. Clean sources of cold water fish may be eaten.


  1. Exercise is very important. Moderate activity helps to regulate immune function and eases the impact of stress.
  2. Control stress and how you deal with it. Stress triggers biochemical changes that trigger inflammation.
  3. Get regular sunshine. Sunshine converts cholesterol into vitamin D which helps to regulate immune function.


Cod Liver Oil – 1 tablespoon twice Daily
Methyl-B12 Sublingual – 5,000 mcg daily
Super R-Lipoic Acid – 240 mg twice daily
Adaptogen – 2 capsules twice daily
Super Bio-Curcumin With Gingerols – 1 capsule three times daily
Ubiquinol – 100 mg Softgel Twice Daily
Vitamin D – 5,000 iu once daily. (Have your doctor order a vitamin D test to see if we need to add more vitamin D)

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