Mulit-Vitamin Slows the Aging Process

I have written about a theory of aging called the “Telomere Theory of Aging” in previous articles. The telomere is a protein cap found at the ends of chromosomes and as we age these protein caps shorten.

As these protein caps shorten, research suggests that our cells are more susceptible to disease and the aging process is accelerated. Free radicals and stress have been closely linked to the process of telomere shortening and thus it appears that our lifestyle can play an important role in the rate at which we age.

A recent study evaluated the effect of certain supplements on slowing the process of telomere shortening. In this study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, scientists discovered that taking a multivitamin daily can actually slow the rate at which the telomeres shorten. In fact, regular multi-vitamin users enjoyed 5.1 percent longer telomeres. This may not sound like much but it may turn out to be quite significant. What if that results in a 5.1% increase in lifespan? What if that 5% difference means the difference between developing a disease and not suffering with that disease? Admittedly, we do not know what that 5.1 percent difference translates into as far as health and wellness is concerned. With the information we have, I feel that any protection we can provide to the chromosome the better off we will be.

Other findings of this study include:

1. B12 supplementation also resulted in increased telomere length
2. B-complex showed no benefit or detriment to telomere length
3. Vitamin C and E from food protected the telomere from shortening
4. Iron supplementation sped up the process of telomere shortening

Supplement Recommendations Based on Article:

This study used a simple once-daily multivitamin. If you are a regular reader of the newsletter or a regular listener of our radio program then you know that a standard one-a-day multi is insufficient for optimal benefit. If you would like a simple multi-vitamin then I usually recommend the Multi-T/D by Pure Encapsulations which is taken one capsule twice daily. This simple formula would be significantly better than the one-a-day multi used in this study. If you want even more protection then I would recommend trying the Nutrient 950 without iron by Pure Encapsulations. This formula is taken 3 capsules twice daily. For a detailed discussion of the multi-vitamins we offer, check out our Virtual Pharmacist section .

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