Low Vitamin C Impairs Fat Loss

Research presented at the Experimental Biology meeting in 2006 evaluated the importance of vitamin C in fat loss.

Researchers at Arizona State University studied 20 overweight peope and followed them through a weight loss program.

As the subjects lost weight, those people who were supplementing with 500 mg vitamin C daily enjoyed stable vitamin C levels while the other subjects levels dropped steadily. As vitamin C levels dropped so did the ability of the subjects body to burn fat through a process called oxidation.

It has been noted in previous research that subjects with higher blood vitamin C levels burn 30% more calories when they exercise than subjects with lower vitamin C levels. This connection may have to do with vitamin C’s role in the production of l-carnitine, an import fat burning nutrient.

When supplementing with vitamin C, I prefer to use food sources of vitamin C such as amla, acerola cherry powder, etc. As a supplement, I use a daily dose of food source vitamin C from a manufacturer called The Synergy Company, this product is called Pure Radiance C.


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