1. Eat high fiber foods – The countries with low fiber intake, such as the U.S., have much higher incidence of varicose veins and hemorrhoids. This may have to do with excessive straining during bowel movements that increases the pressure in the veins of the rectum which weakens the veins and ultimately leads to  hemorrhoids.
  2. Drink plenty of water. 1 ounce per pound of body weight is recommended. This assures that the bowels do not get dehydrated and thus cause constipation.
  3. Cut sugar. Sugar has a negative impact on bowel function resulting in a loss of bowel tone. This ultimately results in constipation.
  4. Eat more fruits and vegetables to provide the body with plenty of natural vitamin C and bioflavonoids which can help to strengthen blood vessels.


  1. Exercise is beneficial for keeping the bowels moving and properly toned.
  2. Sitz  Baths – When hemorrhoids are active fill the bath tub with 3 inches of hot water (be careful not to burn yourself) and sit in the water for 10 minutes at a time. Be sure to keep the ret of the body outside of the water as it is the temerature differential that appears to offer benefit. Only your feet and rectum should be in the water.
  3. After a bowel movement. Wad up some toilet paper and press on any protruding hemorrhoids in order to help them to shrink down. This can help to prevent large clots from forming.
  4. Hemorrhoids should be evaluated by a physician to rule out more serious conditions.
  5. Really try not to strain during bowel movements or to expell gas as this places tremendous amounts of pressure in the rectal veins that can cause hemorrhoids.


  1. Formula H by Health Concerns – 5 Tablets Three Times Daily For Acute Hemorrhoids. This herbal blend helps to strengthen the blood vessels and works synergistically with Formula V. Once the hemorrhoids have improved, stop the Formula H and maintain on Formula V.
  2. Formula V by Health Concerns – 2 Tablets Three Times Daily – Combines three powerhouse herbs to strengthen blood vessels: Horse Chestnut, Butchers Broom, and Collinsonia Root.
  3. FiberMend By Thorne Research – 1 scoop once or twice daily.
  4. 3A Magnesia – This is a magnesium oxide formula that can help to draw more fluid into the bowels to soften the stool and stimulate movement. This is a good product for people with more significant bowel problems.

* Statements have not been approved by the FDA: supplements are not intended to cure, prevent or treat disease, but rather to offer nutritional support. Always consult your physician for diagnosis and medical advice.

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