Green Tea Enhances Abdominal and Total Fat Loss In Moderate Exercisers

A recent study determined that green tea can significantly increase the amount of fat that is burned in people who are moderately active (180 minutes of activity per week).

In this study, 107 overweight folks were given either green tea or a placebo containing an identical amount of caffeine only. The group who was given the green tea enjoyed more weight loss, abdominal fat loss, and better triglyceride levels. This study confirms numerous other studies that have shown similar results.

Green tea and other supplements used to assist with fat loss can be helpful, however, it’s important to note that these supplements are best used as a means of enhancing other fat loss efforts. If you expect to take a green tea supplement and lose weight without working hard on diet and the gym, think again.

The BEST fat loss supplements can enhance fat loss by 1-2 pounds a month, for most people they just provide a little bit of a fat burning edge. This study used a green tea extract that was standardized to contain 625 mg of catechins and 39 mg of caffeine. One of the most powerful green tea extracts available is Mega Green Tea Lightly Caffeinated by Life Extension Foundation. The recommended dose is 1 capsule twice daily.


J Nutr, 2009; 139(2): 264-70

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