Get Your Stubborn Family Member to Take Their Vitamins

To help you with your mission, you have likely been blessed with a gift for nagging that commonly forces your loved one into vitamin-submission.
When you understand the importance of nutrition and supplementation you want to share that knowlege with your family and friends so that they can enjoy good health well into their later years. So how do you get them on board when you are met with skepticism? Here are my recommendations:

Get someone else involved who has credentials that your loved one respects. There is an old saying that goes “A prophet is accepted everywhere…but in their own home land.” This basically speaks to a well known truth that your family will not listen to your advice on health just because they are your family and for no other reason! My parents helped to put me through private school, not to mention, 7 years of undergraduate work and pharmacy school only to ignore my advice! It is nothing personal, there just seems to be this unwritten law of life “Thy family shall not listen to your counsel”. Get a health professional involved who has the credentials that your family member respects. This means that the local acupuncturist or chiropracter will not do if they only respect physicians and pharmacists. Just be sure that you get them in touch with a practitioner who knows what they are talking about when it comes to natural products!
Make it VERY easy for them. I take over 60 pills, capsules and liquids daily. I see the long-term value of each and every one of those pills, however, I would never delude myself into thinking that my stubborn loved-one shares in that level of understanding. Pick your battles wisely, in all liklihood you will only be able to get them to take between 1 and 4 capsules daily. Just accept this as better than nothing and choose only the supplements that will provide them with the most benefit.
Use the most powerful negotiation tool known to…child. Children seem to have an instinctual ability to negotiate parents into deals that you would never thought you would have agreed to. They use a technique that has been adopted by some of the greatest negotiators in the world. Here it is…recommend a supplement program that you know they will balk at and then after they cringe or refuse follow up with a more reasonable request. For example, a conversation may go something like this, “Hey John, I am going to treat you to a nutritional supplement program, can you take 4 capsules twice daily?” (John grumbles in discontent) “Okay, that is too much for you, how about if you just take this one supplement every day, can you manage that?” I realize that this is a little tricky, but it works.
Once daily is okay when it mean compliance. In an ideal world, I like to see people get on a twice daily schedule for their supplement program. For stubborn loved-ones, however, once daily is a great victory and usually all that they will agree to. I specifically love blister packed products or supplements in a convenient celophane packet.
Recently I discovered a product that makes your job a lot easier. The product is called Four Pillars and provides a solid supplement program in a convenient blister pack. Each blister packed strip provides 4 capsules to be taken once daily. Each daily dose provides your stubborn loved one with a vitamin and mineral formula that puts Centrum to shame while also providing the other pillers of healthy supplementation: whole food antioxidant formula, an omega-3 fatty acid formula and capsule containing billions of healthy bacteria. Simply give your loved one a box of the Four Pillars with instructions to take one strip of 4 capsules once daily.

The Four Pillars makes your job easy because the blister packs are convenient, easy to take and even a little fun. There are no bottles to pluck through, just tear a strip of capsules away from the pack and swallow them at your next meal.

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