Eating Disorders Linked to Infancy Insecurity

Studies show that an infant that is cared for and loved develops a balanced and healthy self image, while a neglected child will develop a self image of not being worth loving, eventually developing a high concern with weight and low self-esteem, risking the development of eating disorders later. (Summary by Kasia Kines, MS, CN, CNS, LDN)

Dr. Ray Hinish’s Comments:

Being a pharmacist people commonly look to me for information about the biochemistry of the body. They want a nutritional supplement to help what ails them. Sometimes, however, the problems go much deeper than the biochemical layer. It is not uncommon for me to speak with my patients about what is going on in their life, in their relationships, in their minds and spirit. To ignore those things and label them as irrelevant to the health of an individual is ridiculous, naïve and damn near malpractice. One teacher of mine has said, “The majority of the problems in this world stem from our view of separation from each other. The belief that I am different from you and you are different from me.”  The solution to many of our problems stems from the ancient teaching of treating other people as you would have them treat you. Realize that what you do to them will return to you amplified. This is as much a law in our life as the law of gravity. If you want the best for your children you need only provide them with loving acceptance and true leadership based around loving guidance.

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