1. Start with a high protein, very low carbohydrate diet.After the blood sugar has improved, you will be able to add some of the whole grain and fruit carbohydrates back into the diet.
  2. Eat plenty of vegetables and a handful of nuts daily. Eat as many vegetables as you would like, however, limit fruit intake to one serving daily until the blood sugar has improved. Then you will be able to add more fruit.
  3. Eat 3 main meals and 2 snack-meals daily. Alway separate any meals that contain carbohydrates by 4-5 hours to allow the insulin time to work and be metabolized out of the blood.
  4. If and when you do eat refined carbohydrates, try to time these carbohydrate containing meals to just after workouts when your cells are sensitive to carbohydrates.


  1. Exercise is very important. You must burn the sugar out of the muscles through regular weight lifting and aerobic activity so that the body can have some place to store it. Lift weight 3 days per week and do aerobic activity 5-6 days per week.
  2. Walking for 15 minutes, 30-minutes after each meal (especially dinner) 


  1. Glucose IR by BioSpec – 2 capsules twice daily – This formula combines berberine with cinnamon extract, mulberry leaf and more to help regulate blood sugar.

Other Supplements That Are Beneficial:

  1. Berberine by Thorne Research1 Capsule 2-3 Times Daily
  2. Insinase by Metagenics – 1 tablet three times daily.

* Statements have not been approved by the FDA: supplements are not intended to cure, prevent or treat disease, but rather to offer nutritional support. Always consult your physician for diagnosis and medical advice.

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