Antioxidants Decrease Symptoms of Dry Eye

Dry eye syndrome can be an excruciating condition for millions of Americans causing a constant feeling of dust or grit in the eye often resulting in irritation and ulceration of the eye.

In a recent double-blind study of 24 patients diagnosed with dry eye syndrome, researchers gave one group an antioxidant blend while the other received placebo.

After 12 weeks of supplementation, the group receiving the antioxidant blend showed significant improvements in stability of tears and significant decreases in symptoms such as itching, burning and the sensation of a foreign body in the eyes.

Dr. Ray’s Notes:
I have a number of patients who suffer with this condition and any relief that we can provide to them is welcome…

The current conventional treatment includes lubricating drops and a topical immunosuppressant called cyclosporine, which is being used to force the eye to produce tears.

From a nutritional perspective we want to significantly increase the lubricating ability of the tears while trying to maintain the moisture. This study used an antioxidant blend called Oxyviane™ which unfortunately is not available here in the states. I feel, however, that we can achieve similar benefits by using other antioxidants and essential fatty acids. See my protocol for Natural Solutions for Dry Eye for a natural approach to optimizing tear production and maintenance.


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