Another Reason For Menopausal Women to Take Fish Oil

Hot flashes are among the biggest complaints of women going through the change of life, they can cause great discomfort and result in very poor quality sleep. Although there are many natural ways to improve hot flashes, a study discovered that one common supplement may prove to be extremely helpful…

In a recent study, scientists tested the effect of EPA (an omega-3 fatty acid from fish oil) on hot flashes in menopausal women.

In this study, 91 women age 40-55 who were suffering an average of 2.58 hot flashes daily were given either a supplement containing EPA or a placebo. The group receiving EPA decreased the number of hot flashes by an average of 1.58 while the placebo group only saw a decrease of approximately 0.5.

It does not surprise me that omega-3 fatty acids have an impact on incidence of hot flashes. This is just one more notch in the belt of fish oil. Although this research is fairly preliminary, the multitude of other benefits are pretty clear and thus fish oil should be a part of most people’s supplement program. This finding is simply icing on the cake. Although this study used EPA, one component of fish oil, I recommend using a full-spectrum fish oil, such as Wholemega by New Chapter. The recommended dose is 2 capsules twice daily.

In addition to fish oil, you may also want to try a powerful herbal remedy called Estrovera, 1 tablet every morning has be very helpful and could provide more rapid relief.


Menopause, 2008: Nov 20

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