A Good Use for the PSA Test!

The PSA test stands for Prostate Specific Antibody and it is used in conventional medical testing as a tool for detecting prostate cancer. When a man’s PSA is elevated it commonly results in uncomfortable biopsy testing. In the past, Dr. Rowen vehemently opposed the PSA test because it was unacceptably inaccurate as a tool for determining the presence of prostate tumors. This means that many men who had an elevated PSA actually were free from any cancer while up to 30% of prostate cancers occur even thought the PSA is in the normal range. As far as prostate cancer diagnosis is concerned, you just can’t trust the PSA results!

The change in Dr. Rowen’s opinion came after a lecture by an integrative urologist named Dr. Wheeler. In this lecture, Dr. Wheeler presented evidence that the PSA is a nearly 100% accurate test for assessing inflammation in the prostate! So why is that important?

Inflammation is a bodily reaction to dysfunction. What this means is where there is damage, infection, abnormal cells or any kind of cellular problem, inflammation seems to follow. This inflammation is not just an indication of problems, when it is sustained it becomes part of the problem! These problems include prostatitis, prostate enlargement and even cancer. That is right, chronic inflammation in the prostate could ultimately set the stage for prostate cancer.

So how do we know if we have a problem?

According to Dr. Wheeler, whenever the PSA is above 1.0, there is a near 100% chance of inflammation in the prostate. He believes that the ultimate goal is to retain a PSA level below 0.5 and with proper care you could even retain a level close to 0.1.

So what now?

The first step is to have your PSA tested or dig up your last test within the past year. Once you know your baseline, we can do the work necessary to get and keep the prostate healthy. If you are in need of a PSA test, I recommend that you read the article entitled “Screening for Prostate Cancer – Tests to Get Tests to Avoid” in the Men’s Health section of our website. This way you will be able to have your doctor order all of the right tests.

So how do we keep inflammation in the prostate down?

It turns out that many of the herbs and nutritionals that we use to deal with prostate enlargement appear to mitigate inflammation in the prostate as well. These herbs include saw palmetto, pygeum and stinging nettle. The formula that I have used most in my practice for helping to get and keep the prostate healthy is a formula called Ultra Natural Prostate by Life Extension . This formula contains many herbs and nutritionals that will help to take the “fire” out of the prostate. Simply take two to three capsules daily.

Article Written by: Ray Hinish, Pharm.D.,CN,C.P.T.

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